We are a community of white people who understand that the structural racism buried in the fabric of our nation was created by us. We believe that our white privilege perpetuates the systemic problem. We take responsibility and stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of color. Our purpose is to raise awareness among white people and create action to dismantle institutional racism and its corresponding white privilege. 

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the #WHITEANDWOKE team!

Chevara Orrin

Chevara Orrin


Chevara Orrin has worked in the profit and higher education sectors for more than 15 years and has served as a community advocate for more than 30 years. Her earliest memory of activism was as a three-year old, sleeping in concrete building tubes across the street from the White House in support of the Bangladesh Liberation War and protesting famine in Pakistan. She is a creative consultant, writer and public speaker whose topics range from Networking & Personal Brand Development to Social Justice to Personal Empowerment. 


Kiley Carter

Kiley Carter


Kiley Carter is the Founder, CEO & Creative Director of her own creative agency located in the Urban Core of Jacksonville. Kiley founded the Crux Collective back in 2014 with the goal of helping to shape Jacksonville’s creative and social scenes by working with local creative talent, non-profits and small businesses. Crux Collective was voted “Best of Jacksonville” in 2015 after just 1 year in business. Kiley specializes in branding, design, film production, photography & print. 

Jay Palmer



A native of Long Island, New York, Jay Palmer has been an active filmmaker, photographer and musician throughout his life. Jay’s passion for film begain in the early 80’s after being introduced to Stephen Speilberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Since that film, Jay has writen, directed and edited his own work, one of which was accepted and showcased in the NYC Film and Video Festival in 2001. Jay is also a photographer/filmmaker at the Crux Collective.

Bobbie O'Connor

Bobbie O’Connor


Bobbie O’Connor has almost 50 years of personal and professional experience as a social justice activist. She was born in south Alabama and came of age during the days of George Wallace, Bull Connor, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. From the depths of this struggle emerged a strong voice and a commitment to live a life of service which fosters equality for all. Bobbie uses her voice, her time, her energy and life’s blood to meet this commitment – one step at a time. 

Now that you've met the team, join us as we continue to awaken and show up #WHITEANDWOKE